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Having seen huge production growth in recent years, the Bakken has surpassed the exploration phase and is now into full-blown development. And with the developmental phase come new challenges and opportunities; most notably opportunities to drive down the cost of completions and sustain production at economic rates. It is therefore commercially imperative that completions are carried out in a commercially focused way to ensure the fastest, most efficient and most cost-effective recovery of reserves.

The role of the Three Forks reservoir is another opportunity rapidly arising for operators working in North Dakota, Montana and Saskatchewan. The play is becoming ever more prevalent within the Williston Basin, the big question being; what effect is the Three Forks having on Bakken wells? How can we tap into the Three Forks to maximize overall basin recovery?

The mission of the 3rd annual Bakken & Three Forks Completions Congress is to identify the optimal techniques for completing Bakken wells and deliver E&P insights that will enable operators to cost-effectively recover oil from the Three Forks.

Now in its third annual year, the summit will bring together the biggest and most active players in the Bakken and Three Forks to show real-time case studies showing how different key industry players have discovered different techniques to optimize completions at faster and more economic rates than initially thought.

Day one will begin by looking at the extent and distribution of the Three Forks to assess which benches are commercially viable for completions, followed by an assessment of Bakken-Three Forks communication to determine which parts of the reservoirs are producing and how to exploit communication to maximize recovery. Presenters will then give an unparalleled analytical breakdown of different completions techniques being used, ranging from which proppant to use, to the optimal number of frac stages, to plug and perf vs. sliding sleeve.

Day two will begin by critically analyzing sweet spot identification techniques. It will examine the evaluation techniques and geological parameters used to accurately identify sweet spots in the Bakken and Three Forks as well as examine petrophysical data from the Three Forks reservoir to identify highly productive areas. The second half of day two will focus on drilling and specifically, how to effectively reduce the costs of drilling by utilizing new industry innovations. It will compare the costs vs. the efficiency of drilling with pads as well as assessing if the advantages of using MWD and LWD tools outweigh their expenditure. The conference will end by evaluating secondary recovery techniques such as water flooding to determine the optimal technique for increasing ultimate recovery.

Denbury Resources

'In depth presentations'


In order to gain the upper hand in the intensely competitive Bakken market, it is vital for Bakken operators to...

...understand what the optimal completion technique is to use on Bakken wells and ensure fast and cost effective economic production can be reached. The third annual Bakken & Three Forks Completions Congress will bring together area experts from key Bakken and Three Forks E&P players to deliver an unparalleled analytical breakdown of how to economically optimize completions.

The Congress is the only initiative precisely designed to enhance learning on how to tailor completions specifically for Bakken wells to optimize costs, whilst understanding how to fully exploit Bakken and Three Forks communication:

BAKKEN-THREE FORKS INTERACTION: Determining which parts of the reservoirs are producing and how to exploit communication to maximize recovery

COMPLETIONS TECHNIQUES: Deciphering tried and tested completions techniques for fully exploiting Bakken and Three Forks reservoirs at the lowest cost

WELL SPACING AND INTERFERENCE: Distinguishing the optimal well spacing within the plays to ensure maximum drainage without spending on unnecessary wells

SWEET SPOT BREAK DOWN: Scrutinizing Three Forks petrophysics, pressures and fracture networks to identify what is driving production, where to drill and how to achieve optimal recovery during completions

DRILLING COSTS: Hearing case studies on new drilling innovations that are recording faster, more economic drilling of horizontal wells

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